Pioneered and perfected by Winergy

Winergy, the global market leader, produced its first wind-turbine gearbox in 1981, and since then has continuously worked on technical and quality-related concepts. Setting the standard in the industry for combined helical and planetary stages as well as super-finishing of gears, Winergy has delivered over 150,000 gearboxes to its satisfied customers.

Gearboxes for a wide power range

As the central component of the drive system, the gearbox converts the low speed of the rotor shaft into a high revolution that drives the generator. Winergy offers both standard and customer-specific engineered products in the power range from 750 kilowatts to 10 megawatts - always optimized for the given requirements.

What we stand for

  • Production and service facilities in all major markets
  • Almost 40 years of experience
  • Every gearbox 100 percent tested prior to delivery
  • Compatibility with 50/60 Hz grids, different rotor diameters, and shrinkdisc as well as flange configurations
  • Prototype testing in climate chamber and with 200 percent overload
  • Gearbox serviceability concepts taken into account during the design phase
  • State-of-the-art and innovative products through continuous R&D
  • Leading supplier of offshore gearboxes with multi-megawatt experience since 2003 (five megawatts and more)
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