The world needs more energy - and less pollution. According to international analyses, today two billion people are without secure access to electrical power: and energy consumption in the industrial nations is continuously increasing. Driving forward the installation of new wind turbines will play a crucial role in making energy available in an ecologically sound way. As the premier global supplier of wind-turbine components, we take this responsibility seriously. Our key focus areas are achieving the highest product and process quality, flexible production and delivery, maximum ROI for our customers, and optimal availability.
Reliability is our profession. As a pioneer company in the wind-energy sector, reliability has always been the essence of our business. A company is nothing without its people. Winergy is committed to ongoing benchmark training, personnel development programs, and the highest degree of reliability toward its employees at all times. Winergy employees are continuously striving to further improve our current solutions for the benefit of our customers. Winergy products and processes enable our customers to realize the highest possible wind-turbine performance and availability. Winergy has implemented strict supplier qualification programs to achieve outstanding quality throughout the supply chain. These qualification programs are part of Winergy's own process excellence initiative. 


  • Customer orientation - Our goal is our customers' success. To achieve this goal, we offer superior and innovative products and services.
  • Innovation and environmental protection - We use our leadership in technology to develop innovations that help save natural resources and protect the environment.
  • Lifelong learning - Winergy employees participate in continuous learning and training. We take advantage of all opportunities to further develop our dialogue with you, our customers.
  • Company success - Winergy is engaged in international competition. We strive for success and growth in the international wind-power market.
  • Participatory management- Our executives serve as role models for employees and colleagues. Their leadership style combines openness with a focus on excellence.
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