Optimizing wind turbines with digital gearboxes

Digital Gearbox by Winergy increases the efficiency of wind turbines. Our gearboxes can be run with optimum torque and rotation rate by digitalizing and analyzing their operating data. As a result either the power output  or the gearbox service life can be increased. The benefit for wind farm operators: minimized Levelized Cost of Energy production (LCoE).
A sensor continuously and highly accurately records the torque and rotation occurring at the gearbox shaft and feeds them into the wind turbine control system. In that way they can be amalgamated with the wind turbine operating data and the site-specific wind farm data. By adding gearbox-specific experience values and wear data the gearbox condition can be determined at any time without being at site on the turbine. Big data turns into smart data. The turbine operator is aware in which phase of the product lifecycle his gearboxes are in and is able to carry out predictive maintenance. 

Your benefits:

  • Site-specific optimization of service life and output of your wind turbines
  • Minimized Levelized Cost of Energy production (LCoE)
  • Torque measurement with 99.7% accuracy
  • Digital detection of the gearbox condition without being on site
  • Prevention from breakdowns through predictive maintenance
  • Utilization of the OEM know-how in analyzing gearbox data
  • Experience values of almost 40 years
  • Close cooperation with wind farm operators in data collection and analysis

You want to learn how our Digital Gearbox can help you optimize the performance of your wind farm?

Find out more in our use case.

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